Vulnerability, truth, and the collective superego

Jordan Peterson and beyond

The above video is a chat with Ronan Harrington. Ronan’s position as a leading figure in rethinking meaning systems, his eloquence as a public speaker, and his credentials as a London hipster are impressive to say the least—but this conversations wasn’t about that. Here we tried—and I think succeeded—to go beyond masks, polarisation, ideology and enter instead the liminal space of learning.

Among diverse subjects we discussed were: my critique of his video about Jordan Peterson, the shadow of left and right wing politics, male and female archetypes, social justice and the sovereign individual, vulnerability and truth.

I believe we both felt it was a meaningful conversation and worth sharing. In the end, I was humbled by Ronan’s eloquence and honesty about himself. Rather than be reactive to my criticism, as a lesser person might have been, Ronan helped model the kind of conversation we could all be having.

Ronan’s Website and bio:

My original article about Ronan:

Ronan on the Emerge Podcast:

Jordan Peterson and Russel Brand in Conversation:

Ronan’s commentary on Jordan Peterson:


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