The Cyclops and the Sparrow

Monomania, or having one eye as the say in Zen — or being the Cyclops in the middle of the volcano to put it in mythological terms — is the disease of ideology. The fact is: the ‘right’ and ‘left’ hemispheres (of the brain, in political culture, and in all domains of experience) both need to be represented and understood. The war between culture and nature,’ ‘the now’ and ‘deep time’ has no end, that is if one doesn’t see that both sides, while being totally contradictory, are equally true on their own terms. With ideology, one operates in the world blind to either the centre or the periphery.

The ‘right’ is about borders, tradition, familiarity, solidity. It’s grotesque and pathological mode is pretty obvious. The leftist disease is less obvious to intelligent people, because it ‘seems’ to be compassionate. Actually, compassion without intelligence or ground, is another kind of blindness. One turns into a predator of anyone who critiques one’s own ideology, like a mother grizzly bear who protects her precious children.

The left and right could be thought of in this way: as the father and mother principals. One without the other is deadly and lead to defensive ideology rather than creative struggle. The point is: both sides of reality need to be seen and understood, and the dual archetypes merged. The work of life is to bring together and harmonise those opposing forces.

A person must be highly sensitive to attune to multiple and opposing domains: the nuanced thinker is condemned to walk the razors edge. We become an unemployed Samurai when we swallow both the red pill and the blue pill together — the empirical and the mythical, to put it in another way. The unemployed Samurai swallows the whole of life in other words: the good, the bad and the ugly. He is not a social justice warrior particularly: he fights for his own soul. This means he must set himself strait before he pretends to set the community strait and decry the injustices of the world.

It’s a question of becoming responsible and truthful as an individual, which might mean losing a few friends along the way or spending some time in the wilderness. If you don’t support your friends in their social warrior trip — or conservatism trip or whatever they may be on — then that ‘friend’ might not have any more use for you. If you are not interested in ‘trips’ but in actual voyages, in deep truth rather than ideology, then you could become a pariah. But it’s worth it, and the alternative is grim.

I’m a leftist by nature — openness, tolerance, and creativity being what I value — and I’ve always found it difficult to stomach conservatives, with their security, family, and homeland emphasis. But I think there has to be a ‘conservative’ and a ‘liberal’ in each person — again, by nature and not by ideology or social construction. The virtues of conservatism need to be understood and integrated, and not just endless ridiculed as they are endless in liberal media, otherwise the result is a pathological form of ideology: i.e. Trumpism. By the same token, the pathologies of ‘leftism’ have to be understood as well — especially by leftists. You need both wings to be strong and healthy for the bird to fly at all, otherwise there is no balance in the world, and the gods of chaos rein

Compressed scraps of angel melody, stories, essays, rants against reductionism, commands from the deep.

Compressed scraps of angel melody, stories, essays, rants against reductionism, commands from the deep.