The thing about Trump (and LePenn in France who will be surely elected here next year) that those who are comfortably well off, cocksure, clever and ironic, missed, is the vitality they tap into. Note: I’m not saying such people have intelligence or vision or any kind of moral weight, only that they have a powerful force behind them. The great sin of the liberal media is to laugh or ridicule such people, and to paying too much attention to them. The comedians, John Stewart and the gang, the mocking incredulous journalists, the intelligentsia — are all food for sociopaths because they give them far more attention than they deserve. In that sense the New York Times, the Guardian, and the Colbert Report is also responsible for the results this election. The thing they fear most and fed so much hysterical attention to conquers them and gets the last laugh.

In retrospect it’s easy to see how much more elan Trump had than Hillary, not because of any great demonic gift, but because he had the proletariat behind him. By that I mean those people who live in semi-poverty and desperate straits, who have lost jobs with integrity to automation and outsourcing, the people who work in fast food restaurants or clean toilets, the ones who never graduated from college, those who have to, at the age of sixty, work as a greeter at Wall Mart. Imagine being paid six dollars and hour for saying good morning to people all day long and it’s easy to taste the anger that provoked Trump’s election. Of course those were not the only people who voted for Trump. People, hypnotized by a constant stream of toxic media, lost in narcissistic mirrors of facebook and Instagram have showed the incredible power of their dissatisfaction and depression.

There is a force of anger, resentment, disappointment — a permanent chip on the shoulder that these people have. They are a bomb waiting to happen because they have been ignored, ridiculed, shunned — they live as wage slaves cleaning up the shit of entitled people. And the power of such people is always underestimated. Their power is not something cute and ironic, their power is real. It will turn to violence, if it is not at least seen and understood.

There is a point where we have to say: the people who clean out toilets deserve a living wage. And until we notice that we haven’t been able to look at our own shit, admit our own mistakes, repent and mourn for them, we can’t even dream of becoming spiritually whole let alone psychologically sane. That time might be now.

Let’s not mince words here: America may be ‘the black curse of the world ‘as Henry Miller put it. Certainly as long as America doesn’t use its resources towards the commons, or the common good; if it is not decent to the poor and continues to eat its own children, there will be further collapse. In all its goodwill and shiny optimism America still hasn’t atoned for the Vietnamese war and now the whole of North Africa and the middle east, not to mention its slaughter of first nations and slavery. The whole house of cards is collapsing. The tide is turning to the right and towards fascism, but it will swing back left again.

The thing is, the poor underclass is always underestimated. They are, in many ways closer to reality than the intelligentsia. Their vitality is a terrifying force — pure unmitigated power. Those who live in an entitled bubble have disrespected them, and now they are getting their revenge. The ironic thing is that, at least in the short term, they will suffer from this more than anybody, as the structure begins to unravel.

A powerful eruptions of spiritual chaos has come — the river is closer to the shore. The speeding up of truth will arrive at the same time as the speeding up of the lie. It is time to learn to be warriors in the Aikido sense, to subvert or use these powers of chaos and darkness and help the entrenched and sleeping emperors of mediocrity fall. These powers that are arising are not arbitrary: they come for a reason: to test our mettle.

I have a friend who is an old school Soviet communist. I disagree with him that the Marxist-Leninist emancipatory vision and dialectical materialism is the answer: it neglected and misunderstood the interiors and spiritual metaphysics and it is too drenched in blood and violence to be a real answer. However, the ghost of Stalin and (perhaps Hitler too) will certainly return because unless we very thoughtfully and carefully come up with a new vision. Why? Because those old visions powerful and seductive, and unless there is something new to replace the old, the ghost will revisits us again and again, like Hamlet’s father’s ghost.

The point is that there has been an imaginative failure to articulate a credible new world in the collective consciousness. That vision does exist, and it is a combination of of some traditional and some evolutionary forces, but it is yet to be articulated and revealed. Some people have already pointed to an enlightened society, but it can’t be spoken of until there are ears sensitive enough to hear it. Unless we search in earnest we risk an apocalypse on a scale that we have not hitherto imagined. It would be naive to believe that Trump is solely responsible — however revolting human being as he may be. The crisis has deep roots and has been brewing for a long time, and it has to do with out lack of attention to the base metals of our society — to people, animals, plants and cosmic and meta-ecological forces.

So Step carefully, and with grace.

Compressed scraps of angel melody, stories, essays, rants against reductionism, commands from the deep.

Compressed scraps of angel melody, stories, essays, rants against reductionism, commands from the deep.