The difference between a thinker and an intellectual

1. The intellectual sees the world in abstraction. The thinker tries to emancipate the world from abstraction.
2. The intellectual rations. The thinker is generous.
3. The intellectual seeks security and clever parlour games. The thinker seeks danger, love affairs, and deep friendships.
4. The intellectual lives for equation, the thinker to reach the very pith of meaning.
5. The intellectual is suspicious of the senses and only trusts his thought world. The thinkers thoughts are deeply felt and unveil a deeper sensual world.
6. The intellectual thrives in the institutions — the thinker in orchards and high mountain passes.
7. The intellectual creates mental furniture and ornamentation. The thinker loves simple modes of living.
8. The intellectual makes conclusions about reality. The thinker expands the borders of consciousness.
9. The intellectual seeks accolades and titles. The thinker seeks solitude and beauty.
10. The intellectual seeks the security of words. The thinker, the danger of a poem.
11. The thinker seeks praxis — the intellectual, theory.
12. The intellectual seeks mirrors and reflections; the thinker awakening and depth.

A facebook rant from 2016

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