Some thoughts on The American Election

Andrew Sweeny
4 min readNov 18, 2020

The next Messiah won’t be televised

In this commentary, I don’t want to indulge in any elation about the crushing of that minor tyrant in the pantheon of world historical tyrants, Donald Trump. Elation is a harmful form of delusion, and it always comes before a fall.

Instead, let us be stoics here and dare to look at the real. Firstly, we should acknowledge that Trump has had an interesting effect on the world, both negative and positive. Carl Jung might say he was a sort of trickster clown-the trickster clown being one of the oldest archetypes operating at the back of our unconscious mind. And according to Jung, the trickster is the forerunner to the savior.

However, it would be credulous to suggest that Joe Biden is a savior-and it isn’t obvious that Trump is a bonafide trickster either. However, we do have to acknowledge that these archetypal forces are active in the world, and that they operate through all kinds of people. And the next messiah or trickster will probably not be televised or streamed on any media platform.

Politics shifts unconsciously between tyrant and savior. There is a potential future tyrant in every apparent savior (Biden for some)-so buyer beware. And there is a potential savior in every apparent tyrant (Trump for others). Therefore Trump, for all the chaos he has created, may have also done some good-inadvertently, of course. And Biden, for all his well meaning gestures, probably will do quite a bit of damage-as his forerunner Mr. Hope (Obama) did.

The point is also that Biden and Trump, The Democrats and the Republicans, are two sides of the same coin-the coin of a dying paradigm. Biden does not represent a new coin or a new cycle but is rather the last gasp of the old. Soon people will even become nostalgic for the Trump era just as they did for the good old days of Ronald Reagan. They will lust after the chaos of the clown trickster as the boring old order reinstates itself.

Concerning Biden, we should be careful to remember-as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both knew-that the guy who talks about empathy, unity, decency, fairness, and justice for all, also has a counterpart somewhere, a shadow. That is not to say that Biden’s well-meaning sentiments aren’t a welcome exhale … But it…



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