Saturn Devouring His Son Goya

Why bother being permanently upset about assholes. Better to pity them. And besides, indignation makes you into the asshole. One could hate behaviors or actions, but why hate an actual person? Even the worst people are not worthy of our hatred.

There might not appear to be justice in the world, but there is. Karma is real, if you take the long view. Sure, it might appear that assholes are enjoying themselves — but they are not; or rather, their enjoyments are short-lived. A soul doing harm is souless or a lost soul. The sleeping monsters are even worse off than the people they have tortured. They will get theirs in the end. So why worry?

On the other hand, this is easy to say when you are living in the bubble of relative comfort and privilege; if you are not one of the millions of people in this world that are sitting in some dark dungeon somewhere. But even those of use with a pretty good life are full of hatred, so why deny it? Why not admit it? Why hold one’s own hatred at a distance? One could hate racism, for instance — even if that doesn’t make racism go away. This is natural form of hatred and a good one — the energy behind that hatred is actually love of people. What’s the problem?

You won’t get far without a bit of hatred, without a bit of anger. There is no sense in pretending to be Jesus all the time. ‘Love thy enemy’ could be a terribly platitude—the pretense of benevolence is the worst thing in the world, if it is not real. Being one of those love and light pixies is like making yourself food for sociopaths — better not pretend to love what you deeply despise. Better to be natural and honest with your feelings. Better to be real. Love thy hatred.

In my estimation it is especially important for sensitive postmodern men with absent fathers (the general state unhappy state of postmodern ‘civilization’ today) to realize that they are, at bottom, terribly fucking angry. It might be a great relief to acknowledge that one could actually tear the heads off one’s enemies, to protect someone if necessary. This is a strength and not a weakness. Repressing this could be as terrible as acting it out. Inadvertent hatred, passive hatred, unacknowledged hatred does its damage in the dark. Better bring it to the light.

And what is enlightened masculinity but taming that anger, which means first acknowledging it? Isn’t that what being a real ‘gentleman’ is? Is that such a terrible archetype? How can you be gentle if you don’t know that inner fury, if you can’t passify it or use it for positive ends? And what about ‘gentlewomen’. Isn’t it wonderful as well, when women, who have been trained to be too nice and accommodating to men, touch that raw anger too. Doesn’t this make us more full bodied human beings?

Pure anger is beautiful — in fact, it is not even anger, strictly speaking. It is pure skillful clarity. Let’s destroy what needs to be destroyed, and sever the limbs of ignorance. Violence against persons is always bad. Violence towards platitudes and illusions is a thing of beauty. It is the primordial warriors dance.

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