Bernie Sanders reading Rimbaud

I’m pretty sure I am ‘wrong-headed’ about politics. Or rather, I have an aversion to it. It seems to me that political commentary, is something like cigarette smoking. It’s the wrong thing to ingest, and engaging in it is like blowing smoke in peoples faces.

This doesn’t mean I don’t read the papers, or eat chocolate, or watch tv. I have my poisons, my addictions, my follies. Its don’t consider them my ‘real’ work, though — there are so many other matters I’d rather think about. Like Wittgenstein, like meditation, like West African music — anything is more worth thinking about than the political landscape, to me.

This is not to say I don’t know people who do think very intelligently about politics, and I respect that. At times, I think that I should be engaged in more, real politics. And then, when I think about it for about five minutes, I change my mind.

Again, this is a personal weakness. And so for once, let me say something about politics:

Bernie Sanders.

Ok, I have said it. What else is there to say?

Like most people I don’t know the fine print, I look at the big picture, I hear the sound bites. In fact, I think that I have only ever heard Bernie say one thing. How could one vote for a politician who had only one one idea — that is such a monomaniac? The thing is: the one thing he says, over and over again, is only thing that needs to be said.

What is that one thing? Well, it has something to do with reinstating the I-thou relationship between human beings, rather than the I-It to use the language of the esteemed Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. What matters is that a politicians is concerned with beings. Not as some kind of economic unit, not as something to be managed and controlled, but real suffering humans.

It’s not even about economics, it’s about basic goodness, it’s about simple dignity, it’s about liberation from abstraction. Yes, the United States is a country of wage slaves and billionaires, without even a basic regard for the sick and the poor and the dying, and with lineage and hidden history of racism. There is nothing else that matters in American politics there but to change that. Furthermore, people need good healthcare and education. Otherwise, what’s the use in politicians? They are entirely useless, and mostly destructive.

It’s pretty simple if you think about it. I mean, how do the Koch brothers sleep at night, paying their employees what the do? Their employees can’t even afford a fucking Christmas turkey. (Yes, thinking about it inspires curse words). So yes Bernie says only one thing—he has been saying the same thing his whole life.

And the other thing. I like his head. The other heads out there scare me, not only Donald. They are oily, they are false. Bernie on the other hand, looks like a human being. His silver hair are like wings to me. They need a grumpy old man like that at the head of that sinking ship, that is the United States of America. Who else could turn that titanic beast around?

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