There is a giant conspiracy happening, and that is society itself. It’s hard, therefore, to believe in this or that conspiracy theory, because the entire geopolitical realm seems to be a conspiracy against truth. Actually, the conspiracy is not some kind of conscious malevolence, because evil is unconscious and inadvertent. There is not one group or one ideology to blame in my view — but all groups and ideologies! That is: all totalizing systems which claim to own the absolute truth about humanity.

Idealist believe that supplanting one collective with another will create some kind of change, whereas they have missed the root. In the past, societies have only changed radically, when one individual was willing to be totally alone, without compromise, and transform that root within his own existence. A tiny community then gathers around that individual, and some kind of collective transformation takes place. But it is not the collective which transforms the collective. It is one person. It is you. Did you think somebody else would do it for you?

The fact that elected politicians make speeches written by ghostwriters or a committee while pretending that they are speaking from the heart — is that not plagiarism on a fundamental level? Isn’t the the political arena totally corrupt at this point, and doesn’t this weird ritual of political showboating, show that we are still living in pretty dark ages. The fact that people get emotionally evolved in patriotic speeches just proves they believe what they want to believe, and are not particularly interested in truth, but in only tribal identification.

So, somebody is accused of plagiarism; however the truth is: everybody is doing it. Some are caught and publicly shamed that is all. If those people are associated with a particularly noxious enterprise, or that person is idealized as a saint, then there might be entertainment value in the shaming of that person. But in truth, we appreciate some kinds of plagiarism more than others — the ones that we can align with. Some fakers are caught and publicly shamed, the rest go on as usual. Everybody knows, as Leonard Cohen sang, that the dice are loaded.

The plagiarists always come out on top within the collective mentality. Walt Disney for instance many have been the most successful plagiarist of all time, stealing all of his stories from German fairy tales and Shakespeare. The business of the entertainment world itself is largely about plagiarism. To make products that appear fresh and novel though sensation and effect, while in the process, generating huge amounts of cash and stealing the ideals of original artists: this is organised crime as well as plagiarism, even if it is widely applauded.

Real politics, like art, requires a creativity that goes beyond any kind of dogma or program, right or left. But political communication, especially in America, is more about spectacle and entertainment value, and creating a sensation. There more sensation, the less heart, the less reality. Therefore, the political scene in mainstream America is so monolithic, derisive and ugly — only a comedian can speak of it with any sense of justice.

Real democracy is a very rare occurrence indeed. It involves people, usually sitting in a circle, speaking to the heart of the matter in order to make decisions that affect communities. This occurs perhaps in some fishing villages in northern Siberia, but nowhere else in the modern world. Let us not pretend that it’s happening here. The best we can say is that it could be a lot worse. And yet it’s pretty bad, as everybody knows.

For the moment it’s pretty obvious that what we call democracy is actually a kind of simulacrum or a plagiarism. The average consumer actually has less and less agency, he is more and more helplessly addicted to all kinds machines these days. We talk a lot about freedom here in the land of surveillance; we make trillion dollar wars for the sake of peace. The best we can do is vote for the lesser of thieves within that mode of politicks.

Still, within the ruins of our false society are the potentials for an enlightened one. A enlightened society happens organically, based on the uncompromising hearts of certain individuals and the communities that gather around those individuals. Certainly, the plagiaristic societies will continue to develop like churches who have departed from their spiritual sources but still engage empty ritual. And yet we can still be faithful to the sources of inspiration, and become locusts of creativity within our own domestic worlds.

We are still relying on collectives and therefore are living in plagiarised models of capitalism, communism, democracy etc. The way of ‘something else’ needs to be articulated and refined constantly. And yet it’s happening here, right under the noses of everyone. Truth always comes hidden in a Trojan horse.

Compressed scraps of angel melody, stories, essays, rants against reductionism, commands from the deep.

Compressed scraps of angel melody, stories, essays, rants against reductionism, commands from the deep.