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Andrew Sweeny
7 min readAug 29, 2021
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This post is just to let you know that I will be hosting, along with my good friends Owen Cox and Eskil Avelon, an educational gathering on Maniphesto core — a European men’s network. We call this project ‘The Maniphesto Media Academy’.

Maniphesto Media Academy (aka MMA) is a virtual one-room school-house — an alternative learning platform — for those who want to take an intellectual and spiritual deep dive. It is a weekly study group and lecture series, where we try to make sense of the present apocalyptic times. At MMA we will celebrate creative content, think critically about the existing paradigm, and create a lively learning community.

Education is in crisis today. More than ever we need convivial spaces for real learning, free from cynical corporate demands, a top heavy administration, and the extreme political correctness which haunts the present academic environment. As a University professor for some years, I feel that now is the time for us to collectively reinvent education for the future and rediscover its original meaning and purpose. In this spirit, Maniphesto Media Academy is offering a creative space for free thinking and learning.

So what will we do at Maniphesto Media Academy?

To begin, we will study the intellectual history of the media. We will look at great media theorists like Marshall Mcluen and philosophers like Réne Girard; furthermore, we will talk about ‘The Jordan Peterson phenomenon’ and Peterson’s contribution, as well as the parallel educational universe of contemporary YouTube educators. We will discuss what John Vervaeke has called ‘The Meaning Crisis’ and what Alexander Bard describes as the ‘pornification’ and ‘attentionalism’ of the internet age.

Like Neo in the first Matrix movie we will ask ourselves profound existential questions. How do we know what is true and what is real? Should we take the red pill of radical truth or the blue pill of comfortable illusion or is there another option? What exactly is the Matrix? How do we go beyond nihilism after what Nietzsche called ‘The death of God’? and Jean Baudrillard called ‘The desert of the Real’. Are we living in a simulacrum? What kind of risks are we willing to take to know the truth of our lives? Together, will go deep into the rabbit hole of philosophical and contemporary issues such as…



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